Strategic business partners provide synergistic value that a single entity can't always provide alone.  Our partners are each experts at what they do, and together we combine to provide outstanding products and services to meet the goals of our clients.


Raecom Inc. builds highly customized software for businesses where off-the-shelf products are not available or just won't work.  Our projects range from simple Excel templates to complex database driven network apps and highly scaleable hosted web applications designed to be used by hundreds of users across the country.

Raecom provides a complete collection of services for our clients including:

  • Desktop application design and development
  • Web application design and development
  • E-commerce design and development
  • Web & Email hosting
  • Search Engine optimization and consulting
  • Software consulting, installation and support

Raecom offers expertise in these technologies:

  • Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET
  • XML
  • Visual Basic, C#, C++
  • SQL Server
  • JavaScript, VBScript
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