Strategic business partners provide synergistic value that a single entity can't always provide alone.  Our partners are each experts at what they do, and together we combine to provide outstanding products and services to meet the goals of our clients.

About Raecom Inc.

Raecom Inc. builds highly customized software for businesses where off-the-shelf products are not available or just won't work.  Our projects range from simple Excel templates to complex database driven network apps and highly scaleable hosted web applications designed to be used by hundreds of users across the country.

Software that works!

Our approach to every project is with intensity and attention, as if it were our own.  We understand the importance in all phases of a project: from listening, analysis, and planning -  to prototyping, implementing, and follow-through.

At Raecom, we believe our team is our strongest asset.  If a system is too complicated or not intuitive, it does not add maximum value - which is why Raecom takes great care in choosing team members with the right qualities to produce the best products.  Our projects are designed from the end user's perspective, not the programmer's - and we ensure that every decision is consistent with established goals.

If your expectations aren't exceeded, then we haven't succeeded!

How can we add value to your business?

Value is added to your business when your processes become more efficient, more consistent and more accurate.  You organization looks more professional from the outside, and runs more efficiently on the inside.  Raecom does this by . . .

Learning your business processes
Analyzing those processes and evaluating if technology can improve them
Designing intelligent systems that streamline those processes
Implementing these systems
Supporting these systems

We have helped many businesses improve their processes, for example:

CASE 1:  Raecom designed and implemented an automated transaction processing system for an e-commerce business that so streamlined that process, our client was able to re-focus the entire efforts of a full-time employee from transaction processing to front line customer service - where the customer experience was actually improved.

CASE 2:  Raecom designed and implemented a construction estimating system for a $20 million contractor that not only cuts in half the time it takes to produce an estimate, it produces proposals that are consistent in both presentation and price - despite many different  estimators with different capabilities are using the system.  Imagine the value realized with over 9,000 estimates this system has produced to date!

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